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Prym Rectangular Loom Maxi


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Ready, set, wind.

From stoles, ponchos and scarves to cushions, blankets and bags, you're just three steps away from a world of possibilities with the Prym Rectangular Loom MAXI. Simply wind, cleverly knot and neatly join, and you're done.

The Maxi Loom produces a rectangle with a fixed height of 11cm and a variable width from 22cm - 46cm. The size of the workpiece depends on the peg arrangement. 

The kit includes one set of basic instructions, 50 wooden pegs and 1 plastic wool needle. Alternative techniques for using the kit are illustrated in the booklet.

Resulting size: 11 cm (height) x 22-46 cm (variable width)

Suitable for all yarns and for needle sizes 1-8.

Rectangular Loom MAXI, (47.5cm x 14cm)