Prym French Knitting Machine

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A handy little machine for making cords.
An ideal gift for all ages. 
Quick and simple to use. Ideal for decorating knitwear.

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    Prym French Knitting "Machine".

    Posted by Liz Powell on 30th Jun 2019

    I am very disappointed in this product. First let me say that I have had one of these for many years; bought it on a trip to England since it is not common in North America. My old one came to grief at the hands of a grandchild; so I decided to splurge and replace it. I could possibly have found a USA Supplier, but chose to Buy from the UK. I have no qualms about Hague Direct, but this product that I received appears to be defective. The Latches/Hooks do NOT open and shut as those on my old one did, and despite trying a variety of yarns, I am totally unable to form a single stitch; the latch fails to fall down to open up the hook, then fails to push shut to allow a stitch to form. I have tried giving the latch/hook area a minute swabbing with high quality Sewing Machine Oil; this has not freed them up to operate easily. I am frustrated as I was looking forward to sitting in the sunshine and churning out yasrds and yards of cord for various purposes. Instead I fear I shall have to reveert to using a COtton Reel and 4 Nails hammered into the end and a crochet hook to loop the stitches; just as I did nearly 70 years ago when I was first taught this skill. Sorry to sound so frustrated, I know this is not the fault of Hague Direct; but the cost of shipping it back would be far greater than the cost of it; Shipping and Handling, Customs and Clearing Payments add up pretty quickly. I guess I will find a reel and 4 nails after all. Liz Powell, in remote Northern Ontario.