Hague Twisting Yarn Stack

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The Hague Twisting Yarn Stack is ideal for industrial yarns and allows you to create your own chunky yarns. It gently twists & blends up to 3 cones and feeds directly to your knitting machine.

The twisting yarn stack enables 3 standard cones of yarn to be stacked on top of each other. The cones of yarn are placed onto the cone holders and the stack is placed behind your knitting machine. Starting from the bottom cone the yarn is then threaded through the centre of the middle cone and then through the top cone, the yarn from the middle cone is also threaded through the top cone.

Once threaded the 2 yarns, along with the yarn from the top cone, are then fed directly to the tension mast of your knitting machine in the usual way and you can start knitting. As the knitting machine pulls the yarn through it causes the 3 yarns to gently twist around each other. 

It's ideal when using 3 thin yarns of the same colour to create a thicker one, or thicker yarns could be used to create a chunky yarn. If 3 different coloured yarns are used a random colour effect will be achieved.

Please note the twisting yarn stack has no moving parts and will only gently twist and blend the yarns. It will not tightly twist the yarns together.