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D002 - Hague D280E Electric Linker
D002 - Hague D280E Electric Linker

Why spend hours sewing seams by hand?
When they can be professionally linked
in a fraction of the time !

With the Hague Linker, making up is a real pleasure
and you can achieve that truly professional finish, too.
It's so quick & simple to use, you'll save hours of tedious hand sewing.

If you have a knitting machine, you need a Hague Linker. It joins the seams of knitted garments such as sleeves, body, collars, bands etc & can also be used for decorative linking.

You just place the knitting on the circular point ring, which rotates as the handle is turned (or the foot pedal is operated on the electric version) & the seams are linked together. It's as simple as that!

Just look at all the other features the Hague Linker includes; - Circular linking action links perfectly without any joins. - Seams are so neat you can hardly see them. - Use the same yarn as the garment for perfect seams that wear and stretch with it. - Links up whole necklines and bands of any length. - Even matches patterns perfectly, stitch for stitch. - Produces exciting surface patterning with cords, braids, sequins and ribbons. - Puts lovely professional pin tucks at your fingertips.

The Hague Linker is made in Britain by a company that has supplied the quality knitwear trade for over a 140 years. This experience has culminated in a linker designed especially for home use to give a professional finish.

Most Linkers are supplied with a UK mains adaptor but this can be replaced with a local plug or used with an adaptor internationally. All US 110v Linkers are supplied with a standard US plug attached.

Price: 345.00 (414.00 Including VAT at 20%)


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